Dutch Police Train Eagles to Take Down Drones

posted: 02/01/16
by: Discovery News

Dutch police are investigating a novel approach to citizens guilty of what might be called drone abuse: They're training eagles to take the tiny copters out of the sky.

A company called Guard from Above has been contracted to train the raptors, following a reported increase in the number of drone incidents in Denmark.

Eagle Takes Out Drone in Midair Strike

According to a Dutch police press release on the initiative, such incidents usually have to to do with security -- drones flying in places where they're not allowed, for example. Interference with air ambulances is another infraction police in the country have seen.

Cue the eagles.

As can be seen in the accompanying video (in Dutch, but the visual gist is easily gotten), the giant birds of prey are learning to swoop in for an interception and take-down, showing the man-made birds who's boss.

"The bird sees the drone as prey and takes it to a safe area," explained Dutch officer Mark Wiebe.

Police say they plan to decide within the next few months whether or not to go forward using the raptors as drone cops. It's not clear what type of protection might be in play for the eagles, were they to attempt a take-down of a drone that could bring them harm.

Hat tip IEEE Spectrum

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