English Train Station Cat Gets Promoted, Goes Viral

posted: 02/08/16
by: Danny Clemens

Watch out, Skimbleshanks, there's a new railway cat in town -- and she's so talented that she just got a laudable promotion.

After five years of dedicated service, Felix, the resident cat of the Huddersfield railway station in West Yorkshire, England, has been promoted to Senior Pest Controller and decked out with a spiffy name tag and reflective vest, The Huddersfield Daily Examiner reports.

While a mouse-catching cat is usually nothing to phone home about, Felix has become a viral sensation since her promotion, garnering thousands of likes on her Facebook page and press coverage from around the world.

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"Just doing my job, no big deal. But the recognition is nice," the friendly feline wrote to one of the many Facebook fans sent kudos in response to her exciting announcement.

Since first joining the staff as a kitten several years ago, Felix has grown to become a fixture at the station -- she even has her own dedicated door:


Congratulations, Felix, you're breezing up the corporate ladder faster than most of us humans do!


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