Family of Bears Cools Off in NJ Backyard Pool

posted: 08/21/15
by: Discovery News
Bears play in backyard pool
Tim Basso/YouTube

Currently zooming up the viral charts is this amazing video of a mama bear and her five cubs taking a prolonged splash in a backyard pool in Rockaway Township, N.J.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Tim Basso, whose two young daughters and wife can be heard, along with Mr. Basso, providing their unique perspectives on the event.

The bears seem completely at ease taking over the Basso's yard -- they swim, tussle playfully, swing, and even have fun on a small plastic slide.

Once the bears get their fill of fun, they follow mama out of the area, and out of frame. (Basso uploaded three versions of footage in total. In a shorter clip, the bears can be seen leaving the scene of their adventure.)

Here's hoping the Basso family's pool survived.

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