Five Fun Facts for Squirrel Appreciation Day

posted: 01/21/16
by: Danny Clemens

January 21 marks Squirrel Appreciation Day, a day dedicated to celebrating and protecting our favorite bushy-tailed critters. We've pulled together five of our favorite fun facts to pay tribute to our squirrel friends:

Snacking squirrel
Digital Vision

With hundreds of different species, squirrels are found in nearly every environment on Earth.

Fox squirrel displays its orange underbelly as it stands on its hind legs. Sciurius Niger. Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Texas.
Jeff Foott/Discovery Communications

Certain squirrel species can sniff out food buried underneath a foot of snow.

Red squirrel sits on snowy ground. Tamiasciurus hudsonscus.
Jeff Foott/Discovery Communications

The average squirrel will lose up to a quarter of its food stash. While the animal kingdom's hungry thieves play a big role in this staggering loss, many squirrels simply forget where they stashed their bountiful feast.

Squirrel standing on hind legs, tail up, front paws holding a nut to mouth.
Wolfgang Bayer/Discovery Communications

In an attempt to throw off would-be food thieves, some squirrels have been observed fake-burying nuts, leaving behind a trail of empty caches before actually stashing their precious snack.

Hungry squirrel

Squirrels have been known to make "jerky" by leaving hanging pieces of mushroom out to dry.


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