Hunters Outnumber Wolves More than 700 to 1 in Norway

posted: 12/02/15
by: Discovery News
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There are more than 11,000 hunters in Norway gunning for what may be as few as 30 wild wolves, according to The Guardian.

Wolf hunting in the country is permitted between October 1 and March 31, and thus far, the site reports, 11,571 people have registered for permits to hunt just 16 of the animals.

Wolves in Norway tend to populate forests bordering Sweden, and they do have protected habitats in Norway, but the creatures are known to stray into areas where they may encounter hunters. Brown bears and wolverines in the country are also heavily outnumbered, hunter-to-animal.

Wolf crossing river

Licenses notwithstanding, not all of the kills may be legal.

"While licensed hunting is part of a policy to keep predator populations under control," a wolf expert told The Telegraph, "it is suspected that such populations -- and especially the wolves -- are kept down by illegal hunting."

via The Telegraph

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