In Fight for Its Life, Buffalo Impales Attacking Lion With Horn

posted: 01/27/16
by: Danny Clemens

Warning: This article contains imagery that may be disturbing to some.

In the animal kingdom, the fight for life isn't always pretty -- in fact, that fight can turn downright ugly, as evidenced by shocking video from the MalaMala Game Reserve in South Africa.

Footage posted to the facility's blog depicts a battle for the ages, as a group of five lions sets its sights on an adult buffalo. For more than an hour, the massive bovine stands its ground, trying to make a getaway before the hungry lions can completely overpower him.

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During the brawl, the buffalo scores a small victory -- as one of the larger lions attempts to make a swipe at its face, the buffalo impales the lion's shoulder with its horn and proceeds to swing him around in a desperate attempt to ward off its attackers:


"Being as powerful as he was, the buffalo lifted the lion clean off the ground, the young boy's arm flailing wildly in the air as the buffalo struggled to get away from the other pride members," rangers write.

"What can only be described as harrowing, the poor young lion growled in pain every time the buffalo swung its head around, and it was for roughly 15 minutes that he was tossed around as a rag doll."

Unfortunately for the buffalo, however, the lions eventually claim victory, seemingly breaking its neck as they begin to ravenously tear the flesh off of its body.

In a Facebook post, officials from the reserve reveal that the lion appears to have survived the ordeal, although it now sports a debilitating limp.


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