King Cobra, Python Tangle in Singapore Battle

posted: 09/02/15
by: Discovery News
Singapore snakes
Facebook/Nanyang Technological University Graduate Student Council

Students on campus at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University got a firsthand look at what happens when big, dangerous snakes clash. This being the Internet era, they also documented it on video.

Channel News Asia reported on a half-hour battle between a king cobra and a python, just off the curb of a busy street on the university's grounds.

Students told Channel News Asia that the python seemed to have been winning, having gotten a constricting grip on the cobra's head. But, as shown about half-way through the video clip above, the cobra somehow wriggled free and headed off for a nearby wooded area.

University pest control staff members were able to bag the python unharmed, but the cobra initially evaded capture. Hours later, though, the cobra was lured out of a storm drain and also captured in a bag.

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