Lucky Kayakers Face Breaching Whale and Come Out Unscathed

posted: 09/15/15
by: Danny Clemens

Two kayakers in California are lucky to be alive after a 75,000 pound whale came crashing down into the water, nearly missing their small boat. The frightening scene unfolded in front of a boat full of passengers, one of whom captured stunning footage of the encounter:

With the help of nearby boaters, the two kayakers were able to return to shore safely and without injury.

"Kayaking with whales can be extremely dangerous," Captain Michael Sack, who was at the helm of the boat from which the video was shot, told KSBW. "This was one of the more dangerous situations that I've seen out here. I'm not sure if at this point these two know how lucky they were."

Without a doubt, a breaching whale is a gorgeous sight, albeit one that is best observed from a safe distance -- NOAA requires that boaters maintain a 300-foot buffer between boats and whales. The agency also recommends that boaters maneuver around the side of the whale, paralleling the gentle giants from a distance.

This close encounter follows another incident last summer in which a whale in Argentina lifted a kayak out of the water:


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