Macaque Rescued From Cage After 13 Years

posted: 01/11/16
by: Danny Clemens
Macaque rescue
Laos Wildlife Rescue Center/Facebook

After spending more than a decade locked in a cage, an elderly macaque has been freed, conservationists say.

In a Facebook post, the Laos Wildlife Rescue Center explains that the male stump-tailed macaque, Arnold, had been kept in a "small, unsecure dilapidated cage" behind his owner's house for 13 years. The animal's owner recently contacted the organization, which offered to relocate Arnold and provide medical treatment.

Last week, LWRC representatives were on hand to evacuate Arnold and provide a comprehensive physical examination. Veterinarians discovered that the macaque suffered from a hernia and a mite infestation, for which he received prompt treatment.

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Arnold is expected to make a full recovery from his procedure. He will eventually be socially integrated into one of LWRC's macaque groups and will eventually live in one of the organization's open macaque fields.


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