Newborn Polar Bear Cub Cuddles with Mom

posted: 01/29/16
by: Danny Clemens

BIRTH ANNOUCEMENT The Toledo Zoo is excited to announce the birth of a new polar bear cub! Sixteen-year-old mother, Crystal, is caring for the yet to be named cub off-exhibit. The Zoo's animal care staff is carefully observing the cub's progress through a monitor in the den; as in the wild, the two bears will stay secluded until the cub grows substantially. Due to the seclusion, the gender of the cub nor an exhibit debut date have been determined. While you won't be able to see this little bundle of joy until spring, here is a sneak peek of mom Crystal, and baby bonding! If you can't contain yourself, we understand. Too much cuteness does that to us too. #polarbear #ToledoZoo #iLovemyZoo

Posted by The Toledo Zoo on Thursday, January 28, 2016

There's almost too much cuteness happening at the Toledo Zoo right now. The facility took to Facebook on Thursday to share heartwarming footage of mama polar bear Crystal caring for her infant cub, who has yet to be named.

Born on December 3, 2015, the cub will remain secluded with its mother through the winter months. The pair will emerge once the cub reaches a weight of approximately 30 pounds and can forage on its own.

Veterinarians are, however, able to track the pair's health through a video monitor hidden in their den.

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"This is the fifth time polar bear cubs have been born at the Toledo Zoo, for a total of seven cubs since 2006," Dr. Randi Meyerson, assistant director of animal programs, explains in a news release.

"Crystal has always demonstrated great maternal care. The cub still has a lot of important milestones [to achieve] before going on exhibit, but we are cautiously optimistic that both mom and cub will continue to thrive."

Crystal and her cubs play an integral role in the polar bear Species Survival Plan (SSP), a cooperative breeding program to ensure the species' long-term security in the face of climate change and habitat destruction.

Dr. Meyerson coordinates the program out of the Toledo Zoo for the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, which facilitates SSPs for 450 threatened and endangered species across the globe.


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