Newborn Polar Bear Cub Gets Some TLC

posted: 11/20/15
by: Discovery News
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Aurora, the mother of this female polar bear cub at Columbus Zoo, has recently begun taking longish breaks from caring for her new daughter. And that gives veterinarians at the zoo a chance to take baby aside for some hand-rearing.

The cub was born on Nov. 6, the survivor of two cubs born to Aurora. (The other cub's death was a sadly common occurrence among polar bears, as only about 50 percent of them make it through their initial weeks of life.)

At the time of this video, the cub weighed just 1.5 pounds. The zoo notes that polar bears are very fragile during their first year, and only about half survive under human care, a percentage similar to cubs in the wild:

So, fingers crossed for the new little one! Looks like she's in good hands, and the zoo says that so far she's healthy and eating regularly.

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