Nine Months Later, Deer with Arrow Lodged in Muzzle Receives Medical Treatment

posted: 09/01/15
by: Danny Clemens

After living for nine months with a hunting arrow lodged in its face, a well-known female deer has finally received medical treatment, officials announced Monday.

After tranquilizing the doe, a team of experts sawed off the arrow's shaft. The arrowhead, however, was left in the deer's flesh because the puncture wound had healed over it. Attempting to remove the arrowhead could have further injured the animal.

Following the procedure, the doe was given a clean bill of health and released into the wild.

Deer in forest

The deer, nicknamed Grace, had become a flashpoint amongst local wildlife activists; a petition urging officials to track down and treat the animal garnered over 100,000 signatures.

"We thank all of the New Jersey residents and people from all over the world who have expressed concern about the deer, as well as local residents who have been very helpful in providing information on her movements throughout the community and even set up bait stations on their properties," Division of Fish and Wildlife Director David Chanda said in a statement.

The activists responsible for the online petition say that they will now work to establish a no-hunting zone throughout the area were Grace had been spotted over the past 9 months.


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