NOAA: Humpback Whale Conservation a ‘Success Story’, Many Are No Longer Endangered

posted: 04/20/15
by: Discovery.com Staff
Humpback whale, breaching, Baja, CA.
Jeff Foott/DCI

Citing successful conservation efforts, NOAA today announced a new proposal that would lift Endangered Species Act protections on most humpback whales. Since first being listed as endangered in 1970, humpback whale populations have rebounded significantly and their growth rate remains high.

Under the new proposal, the humpback whale would be segmented into 14 different populations, four of which would still be classified under the ESA. The other ten would still be eligible for protection per the Marine Mammal Protection Act, which imposed a moratorium on the import, export or sale of marine mammals.

"The return of the iconic humpback whale is an ESA success story," said NOAA's Eileen Sobeck. "As we learn more about the species -- and realize the populations are largely independent of each other -- managing them separately allows us to focus protection on the animals that need it the most."

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