Parachuting Beavers Skydived Over Idaho in the 1950s

posted: 10/23/15
by: Discovery.com Staff

There was a time when it rained rodents over rural Idaho.

Post-World War II suburbanization in the Gem State brought Idahoans face to face with a formidable opponent: beavers. As new suburbanites clashed with the small rodents, Idaho Fish and Game launched an ambitious program aimed at relocating beavers out of areas suddenly booming with humans.

Much of that program involved live-trapping and transplanting the fur-bearing critters via truck to nearby ponds. One enterprising conservationist had the bright idea of relocating the beavers to what is now the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area, a remote area that was devoid of human activity and booming with wildlife. However, a lack of roads near Frank Church temporarily derailed the state's plans.

Putting their good ol' American ingenuity to work, conservationists came up with a novel idea. Using a surplus of parachutes left over from the war, officials devised a plan to airlift the beavers out of suburbia, dropping them in specially designed boxes over Frank Church.

Luckily for us, 65-year-old footage of the famed beaver drops recently resurfaced -- check out the skydiving rodents after the 7-minute mark:

Bombs -- er, beavers away!

via KBSU


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