Rising Temperatures Decimate Bee Populations up to 90%

posted: 07/10/15
by: Discovery.com Staff
Bee buzzing
Bernie Kohl via Wikimedia Commons

Climate change is decimating bumblebee populations across North America and Europe, according to a new study from York University.

Across both continents, southern bee populations are falling victim to rising temperatures. Unlike other animals that have been able to migrate north, however, bees are largely staying put.

"For the North American species that I work on, we know that about a third of them are in decline and in some cases this has been quite dramatically, more than 90%," says co-author York University environmental studies Professor Sheila Colla.

Researchers note that the dramatic decline has occurred frighteningly quickly:

"One of the scariest parts of the work that I've done is just realizing how quickly the situation is changing. The bumblebees that are in decline were doing fine 50 years ago. We're talking about large changes in community composition of essential pollinators over just a few decades," Colla adds.

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