Seal Bonds With Diver Over Tummy Rub & Handshakes

posted: 09/08/15
by: Discovery News
Seal and diver
Gary Grayson via PirateFM/YouTube

Scuba diver Gary Grayson got the experience of a lifetime off the Isles of Scilly in Great Britain when he encountered a particularly friendly seal.

Grayson posted video of the incredible bonding moment to his Facebook page, and the heartwarming footage has generated a fast-growing share of "Likes" and views on Youtube. The encounter actually took place three years ago, PirateFM reported, but it's never too late for something this fascinating and cute to go viral.

"I've seen interaction with other guys and girls under the water when they've had their fins nibbled or they've been buzzed by seals," Grayson told Pirate FM, "but never any interaction such as I got on the day. I was very, very fortunate. It was just a very emotional, humbling experience."

Indeed the seal seems thrilled to rub nose-to-face-mask with Grayson, and the animal even consents to receiving a nice tummy rub, and even a handshake, from the diver.

The seal does not even seem terribly threatening as it nibbles a bit on Grayson's hand. In truth, it even looks serene, as though it has secrets to tell its new human friend, if only the thing with the glass face and long flippers could speak seal.

On his Facebook page, Grayson posted a perfect summation atop the video: "People ask why I go diving ... this is why."

Via PirateFM. Hat tip ZeeNews India

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