The Cost to Save an Endangered Species? $1.3 million

posted: 03/18/15
by: Discovery.com Staff
Endangered pandas
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The giant panda is officially classified as as Endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.
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We all know that species conservation isn't cheap, but who would have guessed that it takes $1.3 million per year to save a single species?

In research published in Current Biology, a group of scientists from almost a dozen institutions around the world analyzed the costs involved in conserving 841 species of animals. While much of the funds were used to conserve endangered species in their natural habitats, funds were also allocated to establish "insurance populations" in zoos.

All things considered, Dr. Hugh Possingham, of the University of Queensland, posits that the $1.3 million price tag is actually a steal. "When compared to global government spending on other sectors (such as U.S. defense spending, which is more than 500 times greater), an investment in protecting high biodiversity value sites is minor," he said in a news release.

Click here for the full story from Texas A&M University


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