This Pig Evaded Slaughter by Jumping from a Moving Truck

posted: 12/10/15
by: Danny Clemens
Rita the Pig
Marji Beach/Animal Place

It's generally not a good idea to leap from a moving vehicle, but a courageous jump recently paid off in a big way for a pig named Rita and her nine babies.

According to farm animal sanctuary Animal Place, Rita was apprehended by animal control officers after motorists spotted the pig leaping from a transport truck on California's Interstate 10.

Rita's leap of faith likely saved her life, as WZZM reports that the truck was headed to a slaughterhouse.

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Per local regulations, the shelter was required to temporarily retain custody of the pig in the event that Rita's owner attempted to claim her.

Lo and behold, Rita's owner never appeared, and Animal Place was eventually able to adopt her -- and nine piglets that she gave birth to while she was in the shelter. The family of ten now lives happily on the Grass Valley, California sanctuary, where caregivers report that things are going swimmingly.

"The piglets are thriving under Rita's gentle care. They enjoy special heat lamps at night and frolicking outside with mama during the day. Watching them grow, enjoy life -- all under the watchful eye of their mom - is heartwarming," Animal Place writes in a blog post.


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