Tiny, Jumping Frog Uncovered in Peruvian Cloud Forest

posted: 08/10/15
by: Discovery.com Staff
Madreselva frog
Dr. Vanessa Uscapi

A new species of small fleshbelly frogs that jump through the Peruvian cloud forests has been discovered.

The animal is distinguished by a unique white mark across its body, stretching from the amphibian's chest to its stomach. It also sports a distinct, darkly colored facial mask.

Although the jumping frog is abundant in areas of the cloud forest where logging is prohibited, researchers fear that human influence could still potentially disrupt the creature's limited habitat. Biologists have proposed listing the frog as "Data Deficient" on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature's Red List while further research is conducted.

The frog's name, N. madreselva, pays homage to a local tourism lodge in Peru known for its work to protect the region's "delicate and biologically rich montane forest ecosystems," according to a press release from the journal ZooKeys. "Madre Selva" translates from Spanish to "mother jungle."

The frog's full description is published in the current edition of ZooKeys. Click here for more information.

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