Viral Video: Divers Find Car-Sized Floating Blob of Squid Eggs

posted: 08/03/15
by: Danny Clemens

A group of Mediterranean Sea divers recently encountered a gelatinous, car-sized mass floating more than 70 feet (22 meters) below the surface:

the thing from Lutfu Tanr?over on Vimeo.

Hello guys if you liked it can you also click here and watch it there also....thanks a lot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-ES12NLZTs
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The huge blob is believed to be a squid egg case. For a 2004 study in the New Zealand Journal of Zoology, researchers harvested a small sample of eggs from a similar (albeit smaller) egg case found floating in a marine reserve near Poor Knights Islands. In describing the egg case, they noted "a free-floating gelatinous sphere of at least 1.5m diameter and [containing] an estimated several thousand randomly distributed eggs."

Researchers found that the egg case protected the embryos from predation: as soon as the marine biologists cut the egg case to collect samples, small reef fish flooded into the broken case to feed on the unprotected embryos. The study also raised concerns that trawl fishing could damage the egg cases, leaving the embryos vulnerable.

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