#WeirdAnimalWednesday: There’s an Island in the Bahamas Full of Swimming Pigs

posted: 08/12/15
by: Danny Clemens
Pig Island
Barcroft/Contributor/Getty Images

An island in the Bahamas has some unlikely celebrity residents: 20 friendly feral pigs whose love of the water has made them a local sensation.

Affectionately dubbed Pig Beach, the island is a hopping tourist destination. In exchange for food, the charismatic pigs take to the water to greet approaching boaters:

Nobody knows for sure how the pigs ended up on the otherwise uninhabited cay in the Atlantic Ocean. Some believe that a group of sailors left the pigs on the island, intending to eventually return and cook the pigs (spoiler alert: they never came back). Others believe that the pigs were the sole survivors of a mysterious shipwreck, managing to swim ashore while their human companions drowned tragically.

Pig Beach
Barcroft/Contributor/Getty Images

Another less whimsical theory suggests that the pigs were intentionally planted to attract tourists -- which, if you ask us, is pretty genius.

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