Woman Awakes to Find Exotic Kinkajou Cuddling in Bed

posted: 01/28/16
by: Danny Clemens
Florida kinkajou after examination
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The tranquilized kinkajou comes to after a medical examination.
South Dade Avian & Exotic Animal Medical Center via Facebook

A Florida woman was stunned to find that an exotic mammal had joined her in bed earlier this week.

As the unnamed 99-year-old woman slept, a small kinkajou descended from her attic and curled into a ball on her chest, local news station WPLG reports.

Upon taking notice of her uninvited guest, the woman screamed, which sent the kinkajou scurrying back into the attic until authorities were able to coax the animal out of its hiding spot.

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After a full medical examination, veterinarians declared that the kinkajou was in "excellent health." Authorities believe that the cuddly kinkajou is likely a licensed exotic pet that recently managed to escape from its owner.

Kinkajous (Potos flavus) are normally found in rainforests throughout Central and South America. Related to raccoons and coatis, the furry mammals are strictly nocturnal and generally avoid contact with humans.

The animals feed primarily on fruit, flowers and herbs, and scientists believe that kinkajous play an important role in seed dispersal within rainforest ecosystems. While the species is not considered endangered, conservationists warn that it could be threatened in the future by habitat destruction resulting from deforestation.


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