World’s Largest Falcon Gets up Close & Personal With Webcam

posted: 02/10/16
by: Danny Clemens

This gyrfalcon has popped over to check out our Churchill Northern Studies camera over a dozen times! Why do you think he keeps coming back? explore.org/northernlights

Posted by explore.org on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A majestic gyrfalcon has taken an unexpected liking to a webcam hidden in the Canadian tundra, and we can't keep our eyes off of the spellbinding animal!

In recent days, what appears to be the same falcon has made more than a dozen appearances on explore.org's Northern Lights Camera, which live-streams serene wintertime scenes from the Churchill Northern Studies Center in Manitoba.

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It's not immediately clear why the bird has returned to perch in front of the camera so regularly, although some have suggested that the falcon is entranced by its own reflection in the camera's lens.

Found throughout the upper Northern Hemisphere, the gyrfalcon is the largest known falcon species. A valued hunting companion, the falcon preys on birds and smaller Arctic mammals. While the species is widely known for its stunning white plumage, it's not entirely uncommon for a gyrfalcon to sport grey or even black feathers.


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