You’ve Got to See this Peacock Spider’s Sick Dance Moves

posted: 08/03/15
by: Danny Clemens
Maratus personatus
Jurgen Otto via Flickr

Peacock spiders are known for their flashy abdominal flaps, which are adorned with brightly colored stripes that the small creatures use to attract a mate. Maratus personatus, a recently described species of peacock spider, plays the mating game a bit differently. Instead of showing off its striking abdomen, M. personatus comes fully equipped with a striking blue mask and stunning stripes that he uses to impress the ladies.

After enticing the apple of his eye with his gorgeous body, M. personatus whips out a carefully choreographed series of dance moves to seal the deal:

Acarologists Jurgen C. Otto and David Hill officially described the species for the first time earlier this year in the journal Peckhamia, although the spider was first discovered nearly two decades ago. Endemic to Australia, M. personatus grows to be only a few millimeters long. According to New Scientist, the spider's name is derived from the Latin word for "masked," paying homage to the creature's gorgeous blue mask.

Otto maintains a Facebook page for peacock spider fans with more information about M. personatus.

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