Fast N' Loud vs Street Outlaws

A Special Event - Monday March 27 9p

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Drag Race

Richard Rawlings


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People's Champion

Big Chief & Murder Nova


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Skills Challenge

People's Champion

Aaron Kaufman


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Farmtruck & AZN


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Richard Rawlings


  • Make/Model: 2015 Dodge Challenger
  • Engine: Aluminum Bullet Dodge HEMI Specialty
  • Chassis: Chromoly Chassis Kit
  • Transmission: 2 Speed
  • Rear end: Ford 9 Inch with a 513 Third Member
  • Tires: 36 Inch Tires
  • Boost: Screw Blower

Richard Rawlings, of Fort Worth, Texas, followed in his dad's footsteps and developed a love for cars as a kid. He is the founder of Gas Monkey Garage, the world-renowned hot rod shop that has built and sold cars to people around the world. His current ventures extend from auto race teams to tequila.

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  • Make/Model: 1970 Pontiac GTO
  • Engine: Pontiac 482 ci V-8
  • Transmission: HomeRossler
  • Rear end: All Aluminum Mark Williams

Big Chief has been in the OKC street racing game since age nine when he'd watch races on Route 66. He first got his hands dirty with his dad, a transmission mechanic. Now he runs Midwest Street Cars alongside Murder Nova. Big Chief's dominated the 405 list and continues to embarrass most of his challengers.

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Aaron Kaufman


  • Make/Model: 1995 BMW E36 M3
  • Engine: GM LS1 Engine
  • Transmission: Tremec T56 Magnum
  • Tires: NT01 D.O.T. - Compliant Competition Road Course Tires
  • Boost: SLP Blower

Aaron Kaufman, originally from Crowley, Texas, is a self-taught mechanic, fabricator and all-around hot rodder. When tackling a project, Aaron's strategy is surprisingly simple: it has to be completely cohesive, from the front end to the back end to the interior. Every piece has to make sense.

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  • Make/Model: Pontiac 1976 Firebird Trans Am
  • Engine: 455 Pontiac V8
  • Transmission: BorgWarner transmission
  • Roll Cage: Chromoly Roll Cage
  • Tires: US Wheels in Mickey Thompson Tires
  • Boost: 2-Stage Nitrous Express System

Farmtruck first got interested in trucks from riding in his father's '56 Ford pickup when he was 12. He fell in love with racing as a kid while watching Route 66 races. Together with AZN, he now lives for the adrenaline rush and satisfaction they get from catching others by surprise and racing them.

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