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Brothers Set Out To Crack Cold Case, Find Possible Remains Of 2010 Shooting Suspect

posted: 01/14/16
by: Michelle Sigona for Crime Feed
Lance Leroy Arellano
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Lance Leroy Arellano
Grand County Sheriff's Department

Motivated by $30,000 and the idea of exploring the unknown, 23-year-old Caleb Shumway was on the search of his life.

The Huffington Post reports that Shumway had big plans this winter break to search high and low for a dangerous suspect who police say shot a park ranger multiple times in 2010. It was late last week when the report says Shumway and his 15-year-old brother discovered human bones - remains believed to belong to the suspect, though they have not yet been positively identified.

Five years ago, the manhunt for Lance Leroy Arellano was extensive. The report says 160 police officers - including Arellano's own father - combed a 15-square-mile area looking for the shooter, who was last seen in Dead Horse State Park.

Ranger Brody Young, who was 34 at the time, was shot nine times. Young survived his injuries - his Kevlar vest and a credit card have been credited with stopping the bullets, the Huffington Post reports.

During that time, the report says Ranger Young approached Arellano on Nov. 19, 2010 and told him he was in a no-camping area. When Young turned around, he was reportedly shot in the back.

Since the search died down, the large reward has been looming and the thoughts of finding the shooter were apparently filling Shumway's mind.

The Huffington Post says it was only days into his journey when Shumway, an Eagle Scout, found a narrow cave. Along with the bones, he also found clothes, guns and binoculars, the report notes.

The Grand County Sheriff's Office collected the items with the help of Shumway, but they have not commented further. They are waiting for autopsy results.

Arellano was charged with first-degree felony attempted murder.

UPDATE (1/14/15): Grand County authorities have confirmed that the remains found are indeed those of Lance Leroy Arellano. According to Grand County Sheriff Steven White, Caleb Shumway will receive the $30,000 reward.

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