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Creepy Phone Call A New Clue In Cold-Case 1984 Murder Of Police Officer’s Son

posted: 01/08/16
by: Michelle Sigona for Crime Feed
Cary Grant Jr.
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Gary Grant Jr. before his disappearance

A former police officer has been searching for his 7-year-old son's killer for decades.

"My son is on my mind every waking moment of my life," Gary Grant Sr. told the Press of Atlantic City. Grant Sr. is making headlines now because he recently came across bombshell audio tapes related to the death of his son, Gary Grant Jr.

Grant Sr. may have retired from the Atlantic City Police department, the report said, but he's been going through old tapes related to the case and converting them to MP# files. He recently came cross one labeled "phone calls."

When Grant Sr. popped in one of those tapes, he almost fell over. The person on the other line said:

Caller: "Is it possible for me to collect a reward on my own self for the murder of Gary Grant?"

Dispatcher: "Is it for you to collect a reward on your, for yourself?"

Caller: "Uh huh."

The dispatcher continued with:

"If you have year, if you have information...What are you saying that...I don't know what you mean...like you know who did it? Something like that you mean?

Caller: "No, how's if I did it myself and I want to collect the whole reward."

Dispatcher: "If you did it?"

Caller: "Yeah."

Dispatcher: "Suppose I hook you into the detective bureau?"

Caller: "Mm, no that's OK."

Dispatcher: (Not clear)

Caller: ..."It's not a crank call. You're never gonna catch me."

The call was made way back on March 8, 1986, and Grant Sr. has no idea who placed it. He is hoping someone recognizes his voice and will contact authorities to lead them in the right direction.

The report says that, along with that disturbing call, there was another recording from only a couple months later, on June 2, 1986.

The caller reportedly said, "I can't give you my name."

The unknown caller then begins to tell the 911 operator on a recorded line, according to the report, about another guy who allegedly confessed to killing Grant Jr. The caller went on to say, "He told me he killed Gary Grant Jr. because of the father. The cops know what he looks like."

The police and Press of Atlantic City appear to know the name of the person, but the report says they aren't releasing it because the person has not been charged.

Grant Jr. was murdered on January 14, 1984, 48 hours after failing to return to his mom's Atlantic City home.

Carl Mason (aka "Boo"), only 7 at the time, was questioned, but a judge threw out his confession. The report says the judge and police "trampled on (the boy's) constitutional rights" because he was questioned without a parent or guardian being present.

Over the last three decades since then, the report says about 600 people have been interviewed, but no one has been formally charged.

If you know anything about this case, please contact: 609.909.7666.

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