Danny Thompson

posted: 06/30/13
Danny Thompson - Airplane Repo S2B
Danny Thompson
David Newsom Photography

"The Pit Bull"

  • Bounty Hunter for 13 years
  • Greenhorn Repo Man
  • MMA Fighter
  • Champion Power Lifter
  • Lives in North Carolina

During his 13 years as a bounty hunter, the 240 lb. 5'11" MMA fighter and champion body builder brought a staggering 3500 men to justice. Now, Danny turns his intimidating presence to high-end repo. Drawn by the thrill of the hunt, the excitement of the chase and his love of travel, Danny joined Ken Cage's IRG this year, and is eager to prove his mettle.

When he isn't catching outlaws, Danny spends his down time with his wife, Nikki (the tattoo artist who brought us Danny's arms) riding his custom motorcycles and wrestling his pit bulls. "He looks like a killer, but he's got a heart of gold", says Nikki. Well, tell that to 3500 bad men, now doing hard time.

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