Ken Cage

posted: 06/30/13
Ken Cage - Airplane Repo S2B
Ken Cage
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CEO and Family Man

  • President and co-owner of International Recovery Group
  • Has completed over 2,000 reposessions
  • "The Family Man", Married, Father of 4

Ken Cage is IRG's president and co-owner. He has completed over 2,000 repossessions of all asset types including: boats, airplanes, construction equipment, trucks, buses, RV's and even racehorses.

His repossessions have exceeded $400,000,000 and have been completed in 44 states and over a dozen countries. Needless to say, banks love Ken. Not only does IRG secure the unpaid for assets, they also remarket them. This means IRG turns these repossessed assets into cash for the bank. "That's money that can be loaned again," says Cage, "so, in a way, I'm giving money back to the people."

As the owner of IRG, minding safety and the law is a huge concern for Cage. "It isn't like the old days, people just running around, picking locks...everything has to be done by the book." When you watch Airplane Repo, you will notice that Cage has an unmatched knowledge of the repossession laws and that he follows them consistently. That said, Cage has had his share of close calls. Unhappy debtors have tried to run him over with Cadillacs, chased him in boats, pointed guns at his stomach and swung shovels at his head.

Being the boss of a large team comes with its share of stress. Along with his family, Ken has 5 employees and many contractors who depend upon him for a living. While many companies have tried to enter the airplane repossession business, most have exited as quickly as they have entered. IRG has averaged 200 repossessions per year, giving them an unrivaled caseload. Despite the incredible number of cases, IRG still boasts a 96% recovery rate over that time while the industry average is 65%.

Ken is equally as proud of his work as a husband, dad of 4 and coach to hundreds of kids. He has coached youth baseball, basketball and soccer for over 30 years and currently serves on the administrative board of his local baseball league. Developing the kids and seeing them enjoy playing the games is what drives him.

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