Kevin Lacey

posted: 06/30/13
Kevin Lacey - Airplane Repo S2B
Kevin Lacey
David Newsom Photography

"The Sly Fox"

  • Vintage plane junkie, muscle car racer, good old boy
  • Been doing repo for almost 40 years
  • Lives in McKinney, Texas
  • 56 years young

Kevin Lacey knows aircraft inside and out, having rebuilt his own as a 20 yr. old mechanic with dreams of becoming a pilot. "Mechanics don't fly", they told him, but Lacey proved them wrong by having so much knowledge of corporate Cessna they couldn't avoid putting him in the cockpit. Since then he's racked up many titles: crew chief, state department pilot, director of operations. He even started his own FBO. But being a high-value asset repo man gives him the biggest smile.

Kevin "liberated" his first plane at the ripe age of 21. The money was good and the rush was undeniable. He was hooked. Since then, he's done more than 450 repos around the globe, often risking life, limb and the bitter end of the law. Detainment and jail don't frighten him. He's experienced both more times than he can recall, from Africa to Brazil, and always been acquitted. Kevin will be the first one to say he has a mean competitive streak. He's been known to wait-out bureaucracies and foreign governments for 9 months at a time, sleeping in hangars and eating where he can find food, waging wars of attrition until his quarry is good to go. Then he sinks his teeth into that multi-million dollar repo and trots off with his prize.

Back home in McKinney, Beverly, Kevin's business partner of 7 years (and most valuable asset) manages their business Texas Air Fleet/Rangers, while Kevin dedicates his downtime to racing vintage planes with his pal Gary, and building his RV-7.

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