Airplane Repo Episode Guide

posted: 07/16/13

We've Got An Emergency Situation: Thu Jul 11 10/9c

Meet three adrenaline-seeking repo men chase multi-million dollar jets across America looking for a big payoff. Relying upon wits, skill and sheer cojones, to stay one step ahead of the law and airplanes with issues, it's high risk for high reward for these super repo men.

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Spies In The Night: Thu Jul 17 10/9p

Repo mastermind Mike Kennedy braves a potential suicide mission in California's Central Valley in pursuit of big bucks. Kevin Lacey finds himself, and his 25K payday, at the mercy of a vengeful mechanic and a windy, Colorado night.

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Armed and Airborne: Thu Jul 25 at 10/9c

The million-dollar repo men face menacing mechanics, dangerous swamps and 6 armed cops in their attempts to seize luxury planes and big paydays.

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Narrow Escape: Thu Aug 1 10/9c

Mike Kennedy braves gators in the Florida night to snatch a party boy's Cessna Float plane. Kevin Lacey enrolls a vengeful divorc? for a high-altitude, high-risk heist in Colorado and Ken and Danny have a close encounter with an angry debtor and his shovel.

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Alone In Alaska: Thu Aug 15 10/9c

Adrenaline junkie Mike Kennedy boldly sets out into the remote Alaskan wilderness, braving wolf country and bitter temperatures, in a hunt for a Piper Super Cub.

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Undercover And Out Of Time: Thu Aug 22 10/9c

Mike Kennedy teams up in Southern California to snatch a plane in broad daylight, Kevin Lacey poses as a Cajun pilot to heist a two million dollar prize, and Ken Cage finds himself facing high winds and the threat of F-16's to make his payday.

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Mid-Air Collision: Thu Aug 29 10/9c

Extreme turbulence over the Teton Range threatens disaster for Mike Kennedy, but a second crack at a $3million dollar Citation V offers Ken Cage and Danny Thompson a shot at redemption.

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No Rescue Repo: Thu 9/5 at 10/9c

Super Repo Man Mike Kennedy boldly risks an emergency landing on a remote Alaskan glacier, while strongman Danny Thompson frees an $1.8 million dollar Lear 31 from its hangar -by hand.

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Flying Blind: Thu 9/18 at 10/9c

Repo Man Ken Cage attempts to nab two high-end yachts in two days. Kevin Lacey's favor for a friend turns into a white-knuckle landing under darkening Texas skies in a plane with no radio, on a runway with no lights.

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Repo Roulette: Thu 9/26 at 10/9c

Stunt Man turned Repo Pilot Mike Kennedy sky-dives into an airfield to snatch a Dehavilland Twin Otter airplane. Later, Ken Cage and Danny Thompson make a risky two-vehicle snatch from a wealthy playboy.

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