Jane and Atz Lee’s Smoked Salmon Dip

posted: 11/26/13
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Alaska: The Last Frontier

Jane and Atz Lee's Smoked Salmon Dip

As the Kilchers get ready for winter, just like other homesteaders, they stock up on staples from the store. They'll shop for flour, sugar, coffee and other items that are important to their particular home.

Among other things, Jane and Atz Lee will stock up on are the makings for their smoked salmon dip. It sounds so good we are excited they decided to share this family recipe with us. Here it is in Jane's own words:

Step 1: Catch a salmon, filet it up...

Step 2: Make the brine for it to soak in for 24 hours


1/2 gallon to 1 gallon water

1 jar molasses

1 bag +/- brown sugar

4-6 handfuls garlic powder

4-6 handfuls onion powder

2-4 handfuls ginger powder

1 small bottle soy sauce

1 bottle rice wine vinegar

Cayenne = to taste

Lemons = 6-12 juiced

4 handfuls = salt

Remove and drip/air dry until glossy.

Step 3: Smoke it in a smoker (24-36 hours)

Step 4: The dip (finally an easy part!)

Take about 2-3 cups of smoked salmon that you shred with your hands.

Mix with 12 oz. cream cheese

Chop up garlic

Squeeze 1 lemon in

Dill..... If your dill is fresh you can easily overpower and ruin this dip... There's something crazy about fresh dill, dried dill you're fine as it is so much blander... with the fresh dill, just add in as you taste it

Finally I like to use cream, like buttermilk or half and half, whatever cream you can get from a cow... I add like 1/4 cup maybe more to make it creamier...

Whip it up all up with a fork.

Atz always just throws it all together like a cajun chef, just tasting as he's adding. We like a really thick, goopy brine and we never wash it off like some smokers... it makes it messy to smoke but we don't care because it tastes so damn good. - Jane Kilcher

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