Season 4 Episodes

posted: 09/29/14

A Mild Winter: Sun Oct 5 9/8c

The Kilchers face fallout from the warmest Alaskan winter in decades. Atz Sr, Otto, Atz Lee and Eivin tackle an emergency mission to supply and secure their hunting cabins at the head of the bay. Charlotte and Jane desperately search for a missing newborn calf.

Moving Toward the Future: Sun Oct 12 9/8c

Atz Sr, Bonnie, Atz Lee and Shane struggle to move a two-ton bridge to ensure crossing of glacial rivers for crucial access to the head of the bay, while Otto and Charlotte fight a serious threat to their cattle.

Spring Forward: Sun Oct 19 9/8c

The Kilchers band together to protect their livelihood on the homestead and beyond. Atz Lee and Jane encounter disaster in a hunt for Jane's first black bear. Atz Sr, Bonnie and Shane defend the head of the bay against grizzlies.

On the Move: Sun Oct 26 9/8c

Early spring, life is returning to the homestead, but with temperatures soaring things are far from normal. Tensions reach the breaking point on the annual Kilcher cattle drive as Otto struggles to maintain control of his novice crew and chaos ensues.

Loaded for Bear: Sun Nov 2 9/8c

Atz Lee and Jane venture out in a risky hunt for black bear, but instead come face to face with a massive grizzly. Using the constructor, Otto and Eivin race the tide to transport and introduce two new bulls into the family herd at the head of the bay.

Greener Pastures: Sun Nov 9 9/8c

The Kilchers race to finish a year's worth of work in just four months. To fill their freezer, Atz Lee and Jane chase the first salmon run of the season, while Otto and Eivin bolster the homestead's defenses to contain their unruly cattle herd.

Waste Not, Want Not: Sun Nov 16 9/8c

Otto, Charlotte, Eivin & Eve harvest a sterile cow to stock up on meat for winter, repurposing its byproducts to make homesteader soap, and tanning its hide for building corrals. At the head of the bay, Atz Sr.'s range riding skills are tested.

Thanksgiving on the Homestead: Sun Nov 23 9/8c

Homesteaders who work together, give thanks together. Join the Kilcher family as they celebrate Thanksgiving with the friends who helped prepare the homestead for winter.

Secrets of the Range Rider: Sun Nov 30 9/8c

At the head of the bay Atz Sr. divulges the secrets of the range rider to Atz Lee & Eivin in preparation of the future. To heat the family's cabin, Otto, Charlotte and August must transform more than 1000 pounds of metal pipe into a working chimney.

Journey to Perl Island: Sun Dec 17 9/8c

In this MEGA episode the Kilchers face their biggest challenges yet. Otto, Jane & Shane help a fellow homesteader transport a cabin to the distant and uninhabited Perl Island but things take a sinister turn when they discover a predator on the loose.

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