Alaska: The Last Frontier - The Soundtrack

Alaska: The Last Frontier — The Soundtrack

Full-Length Soundtrack Available Now on iTunes!

Discovery MusicSource is proud to release the first full-length digital soundtrack for Discovery Channel’s hit series, Alaska: The Last Frontier. Penned by Tony Morales exclusively for the series, the CD includes ten instrumental cues that capture the show’s earthy majestic take on modern-day pioneering in the deep wilds of Alaska.

Visit iTunes now to download the Alaska The Last Frontier soundtrack!

In addition, the soundtrack features a full-length version of the main title song, penned by Alaska: The Last Frontier patriarch Atz Kilcher, and sung with his daughter, the renowned artist, Jewel.

Watch Jewel and Atz sing the Alaska: The Last Frontier theme song together live!

As a haunting counterpoint to the main title duet, the CD also includes a stark yet heartfelt acoustic version featuring Jewel’s unforgettable vocals.

“It's been a real pleasure creating a signature sound for the music of Alaska: The Last Frontier,” according to Morales. “Working with a variety of mostly acoustic instruments, my goal was to give the show a musical language that both supports and captures what it's like to live as a modern day pioneer family.”

Morales relied on a unique blend of typically Appalachian instruments such as slide guitar, fiddle, dulcimer, mandolin and banjo, layering them in intriguing ways with orchestral layers and hand percussion. The result is a "down home" rootsy flavor that can span the intimate to the epic.

All instrumental tracks were recorded in Los Angeles at Morales’s studio with the help of key instrumentalists, including the acclaimed metallurgist Chas Smith who regularly supplies eerie drones and textures to blockbuster horror films using self-made instruments and sound sculptures.

Visit iTunes now to download the Alaska The Last Frontier soundtrack!

As for the duet between Atz and daughter Jewel, this recording marks the first time that the two have been recorded singing together, despite appearing frequently on stage as a duo. According to Atz, "Definitely one of the highlights of my music career has been to write and record the title song for a major television network with my daughter Jewel. Took me 65 years to write this song, I’m excited for the world to hear it.”

Both song versions were recorded in Stephenville, TX, at Jewel Box Studios and in Santa Monica, CA, at Emoto Music Studios where Discovery MusicSource collaborated with producers John Adair and Steve Hampton. As well as Smith bringing his offbeat sonorous textures to the equation, if you listen closely to the acoustic version, you will hear eerie, distant thunder sounds compliments of a percussionist striking the jawbone of a donkey skull — in musicians’ speak, often referred to as the "jawbone of an ass."

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Sample the "Alaska: The Last Frontier" Theme Song:


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