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Soundtrack Available Now on iTunes!

Discovery Channel's hit series Alaska: The Last Frontier introduces a soundtrack of the same name penned by cast member Atz Kilcher. The title song — an ode to the rough and tumble life of the Alaskan homesteader - features Atz's daughter, acclaimed singer-songwriter Jewel.

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The four variations of the theme song on the soundtrack include a newly released acoustic ballad version sung entirely by Jewel. This rendition is quite a departure from the original rollicking duet sung by father and daughter, highlighting haunting textures and warm, moody acoustic layers with pedal steel guitar, upright bass and even the "jawbone of an ass" used as part of the atmospheric percussion.

All variations of the theme song were recorded on the same day, including the uptempo "country-fied" instrumental version of the main title and an acoustic instrumental variation featuring mandolin, fiddle and a lone whistler in the lead. The songs were recorded in both Stephenville, Texas (Jewel Box Studio) and Los Angeles, California (Emoto Music Studios).

Though Jewel and her father have sung on stage for many years, the theme song provided the first opportunity for the pair to record a duet. That the song regales the rugged beauty, joys and hardships of the land that their ancestors settled over 80 years ago gives this song particular poignancy.

According to Atz, "Definitely one of the highlights of my music career has been to write and record the title song for a major television network with my daughter Jewel. Took me 65 years to write this song, I'm excited for the world to hear it."

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