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posted: 04/11/12
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American Guns

Family Arms

October 10, 2011

Firearms expert, Rich Wyatt and his team of gunsmiths set out to build a 19th century "Knuckle Duster" from a block of metal. Paige and Kurt Wyatt compete to sell the most guns and Rich tries to get an eccentric rancher to part with his Winchester rifles.

Guts and Glory

October 17, 2011When a preacher comes to Gunsmoke for a custom made revolver, Rich must pull everyone together to get it done fast without Renee shutting him down for going over budget. Kurt is doing everything in his power to get a raise that Paige thinks is hers.

Hand Cannon/Pink Pistol

October 24, 2011

The Gunsmoke crew accepts the challenge to build a 12th-century style hand cannon. Rich teaches Kurt the art of negotiating when they fly out to inspect a huge collection of semi-automatics. Renee may get the last laugh over a customized pink 1911.

Wounded Vet

October 31, 2011

Rich and the Gunsmoke team build a customized scout rifle for a wounded vet so he can hunt again, despite his limitations. Kurt joins Rich on a sale to an investor looking for iconic 1960s guns. The team also tricks out a car 007-style and Paige wants a tattoo!

Volley Gun/Civil War Trade

November 7, 2011

The Gunsmoke team builds a 10-barrel, black powder volley gun. Rich strikes a hard bargain with a man selling a collection of WW1 and WW2 guns and takes a gamble when he trades a Henry rifle for two Civil War pieces. Paige gets an intense lesson in DCOA.

Diamond Anniversary 1911

November 14, 2011

The Gunsmoke crew creates a Wyatt-worthy anniversary gift for Renee: an engraved, silver, 10-carat diamond encrusted 1911 pistol. Rich delivers a customized shotgun to a buyer's castle and an Oliver North-autographed AR-15 to a high roller at a hanger.

Cannon Balls/Dream Ruger

November 21, 2011

Rich's team builds a Civil War era-style cannon that shoots more easily obtained projectiles: bowling balls. They customize a Ruger Mark III pistol for a young sharpshooter who aspires to Olympic gold. A philanthropist drives a hard bargain over his European rifles.

Hell's Angel Luger/D-Day M1

November 28, 2011

Rich barters for two pieces of history: an M1 Garand used during D-Day and a Luger used in Howard Hughes'1930s film "Hell's Angels." Meanwhile, the Gunsmoke crew races the clock to modify a hunter's favorite rifle for Alaska's deadly big game.

1866 Winchester/Firefighter Tribute

December 12, 2011

Rich and the crew recreate an 1866 Winchester Yellow Boy for a cowboy client. Renee and Paige bring out an arsenal to host a special shooting event for local firefighters.

Custom Barrett/Colt Walker

December 19, 2011

In the season finale, Kurt takes the lead on a client's customized Barrett. Rich and Bob examine two very rare Colts. The gunsmiths face off against the sales team to see who's the better shot.

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