Barwisms Glossary

posted: 07/15/14
Quotes and pop culture, sports and science terms used in the show
ACL Tear Definition: An increasingly common injury among amateur and professional athletes, tearing your anterior cruciate ligament can potentially be career-ending and often has a devastating effect on a player's self-confidence.

Episode 1: Barwis specializes in rehabilitating both body and mind, and Baron Davis (former New York Knick) and Jerel Worthy (Green Bay Packers) are just two of the athletes he's taken under his wing.
Bariatric Surgery A medical weight-loss procedure performed on over-weight patients, which results in decreasing the size of their stomachs.

Episode 7: Dusty got bariatric surgery, and has already lost over a hundred pounds — but he still has a long way to go. Or, as he likes to say, "You can throw a lawnchair off the Titanic, but it's still a really big boat."
Beef Definition: Slang for having a problem with someone else.

Episode 2: Tank Dog starts out having huge beef with Ndamukong Suh from the Detroit Lions, but they end off on good terms. Well, more or less.
Bobsledding Definition: An Olympic Winter sporting event in which teams of two or four people speed along an icy track as fast as possible.

Episode 3: Barwis is training Val Smith and her teammate Brittany Reinbolt as they try one last time to make the Olympics in 2018 — all the harder because Val works nights waiting tables to get by.
Competitive Bull Riding Definition: In the first round of bull riding, a rider has to stay on their bull at least 8 seconds to qualify for the next round.

Episode 8: Barwis trains professional bull rider John Jacobs, who started out unranked and then, with Barwis, worked his way up to the top seven in the world.
CFL (Canadian Football League) Definition: The Canadian version of the NFL where a lot of American athletes end up playing, most of them trying to hone their skills for the NFL, which is considered a higher level of play.

Episode 6: Barwis trains several CFL players, including Pat White and Jovan Olafiaye.
Contract Year Definition: The last year of a professional player's contract with his or her team. Players feel a lot of pressure to perform during their contract year, to prove to their team that they deserve a new contract on even better terms.

Episodes 1 & 5: Several NFL athletes at Barwis Methods are facing their contract year this season, such as Chris Neild (Redskins), Jerel Worthy (Packers) and Brandon Graham (Eagles).
Diva Definition: A prima donna or someone who acts like a star, with a sense of entitlement and a lot of flair.

Episode 7: Pro football receivers like Mark Dell and Pierre Garcon (Washington) have a real reputation among other players for being "divas." They say they're just demanding the ball.
"The 40" Definition: The common name for the 40 yard dash, one of the highest pressure events for pro-football hopefuls in the NFL combine, especially for players like receivers and safeties and corners, who need to be fast and quick for their positions.

Episode 1: Barwis trains pro hopeful Vlad Emilien in the 40 before Vlad's combine. Vlad needs to run a 4.5 second 40 or faster to have any shot at the NFL.
Honey Badger Definition: A small mammal known for its thick skin, ferocious attack and tenacious defense.

Episode 8: Football player Tyrann Matthieu, another under-sized mammal known for his thick skin, ferocious attack and tenacious defense.
Hypertrophy Definition: A high intensity training sequence designed by Barwis to build muscle mass. The increase in mass comes from having athletes lift weights at a high number of repetitions until they reach maximum fatigue. The sequence lasts several days and is generally the first phase of a multi-phase training plan in an athlete's off-season.

Episode 1: Barwis puts athletes like Chris Neild of the Redskins through hypertrophy, "his own version of hell," to test their mind just as much as their body.
"It's a Mindset!" All Episodes: A favorite Barwisdom shouted by the man himself as athletes struggle to overcome the adversity of one of his insane workouts.
Lollipop Man Definition: The guy in a NASCAR driver's pit crew who holds up the sign telling the driver when to pull over during the race for a pit stop.

Episode 4: Dusty's absolute dream job in life... unless he could get paid to just watch the races.
'Merica Definition: The most all-American way you can possibly say "America."

Episode 1: Dusty drums up a groundswell of support for his country, 'Merica, at the gym in anticipation of the US Olympic Hockey Team's match against Canada. Alas, the good guys do not win this one.
Mush Definition: The act of putting your hand in someone's face and pushing them away from you.

Episode 1: Some of the beef between Seattle's Richard Sherman and San Francisco's Michael Crabtree allegedly started when Crabtree mushed Sherman after a game.
NASCAR Definition: The National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing.

Episode 4: Dusty's favorite sport... although Tank Dog would argue with the definition of "sport."
NFL Combine / College Pro Day Definition: Events for young pro-football hopefuls to show off their skills in front of scouts from pro teams. The events include physical tests like the 40 yard dash and the bench press, as long as drills pertaining to each player's position.

Episode 1: Barwis and Richard Sherman (Seahawks) train young player Vlad Emilien for his pro day, one of the defining moment's of his life.
The Octagon Definition: The eight-sided cage that UFC fighters fight in.

Episode 3: Barwis uses a special red mat at his gym to facilitate a fighting-environment when he trains UFC fighter Rashad Evans.
Physical Adonis Definition: A phrase coined from the Greek god of absolute physical perfection.

Episode 2: The term Barwis uses to describe Ndamukong Suh (Detroit Lions) and Mike Martin (Tennessee Titans) as they go head-to-head in weight lifting. "Mutants," "beasts" and "hulks" are other favorites.
Quadriplegic Definition: A person who's paralyzed in both the arms and the legs.

Episode 4: After his diving accident, Anthony Purcell suffered from almost complete quadriplegia. After training with Barwis, he was able to move his foot again.
Spring Training Definition: In Major League Baseball, the training camp that players attend with their teams before the beginning of the season.

Episode 6: Cleveland's Nick Swisher trains with Barwis before his camp begins - and says the Barwis workout is 10 times more intense than what he'll face in camp.
The Stomp Definition: Generally, to kick your foot down on something or someone.

Episode 2: An alleged incident in which Detroit's star player Ndamukong Suh stomped on another player on the ground, making Suh infamous for purported issues with his temper. Barwis firmly believes we should never judge anyone.
Stunt Man Definition: The person in movies and TV who performs all the dangerous stunts so that the actors don't have to.

Episode 4: Former NFL star Shawne Merriman wants Barwis to train him to be an action star - who actually does his own stunts.
UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Definition: A professional league of mixed martial arts fighters.

Episode 3: Barwis has a huge amount of respect for UFC fighters like Rashad Evans, because when they get in the ring, it's not just win or lose — it's win, or potentially be crushed.