Amish Mafia : How Amish Are You? Quiz Facts

posted: 03/10/14
Dating in the Amish Community


Women in the Amish Church are allowed to shave and pluck but not cut their hair. An Amish man grows out his beard after he's married. His beard is a sign of his religious faith, so shearing an Amish man's beard is considered a hate crime - it is illegal and can lead to jail time.


The Amish may shun a member of the church who breaks the rules. This does not mean the community ignores the rebel. They instead refuse to eat with or buy goods from the shunned person, who can still return to the community if they agree to change.

Cornfield Parties

Levi's crew sometimes throws cornfield parties, in part to make money off of young Amish people who are on Rumspringa and want to have fun without their parents watching. A Sunday night supper with singing and friends is a more typical Amish weekend.


The Amish don't drive, but they can accept rides from other people. Pennsylvania Amish discourage bicycles because they take people too far from home.

Teen Years

The Amish stay in school until eighth grade. Then they learn a trade like farming. At 16, Amish teens get a taste of life outside the Amish community during their Rumspringa. They try non-Amish norms, like driving and going to the movies.

Amish Aid

Amish people help each other. Levi runs Amish Aid in Lancaster, which helps community members in need pay their medical bills.


Amish people typically don't play music because instruments draw too much attention to the individual. One exception is the harmonica. But the Amish love singing together, as long as no one dances!

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