The true reasons why Levi and his crew quit one of the most popular shows on television will be revealed through exclusive interviews with the Private Investigator, the local law enforcement officer, and never-before-seen footage. Premiered Tue Apr 8

VIDEO: Merlin Visits the Nation's Capital

EPISODE 13: Shepherds' End

Esther's double life sparks a crusade to eliminate English temptations from the Amish community. Wayne ties up loose ends. Pressure from law enforcement forces Levi to turn to Esther for help. With tension rising, Levi and his crew shut down production. Premiered Tue Apr 8

VIDEO: Levi and Alvin Blow Up a Car

EPISODE 12: Doppel Leben

After being discovered by Esther in Atlantic City, Levi returns to Lancaster County in a rage. Levi's crew takes down a Maydll Gucka (Amish strip club); Esther's double life in the English world leads to a terrifying encounter. Premiered Tue Apr 1

VIDEO: Amish Mafia Chaos | Esther Opens Up | Esther's Nightmare

EPISODE 11: The Bear

Levi gets out of town and leaves Alvin in charge. Jolin reestablishes Amish Aid in Wisconsin by force. Merlin negotiates with The Bear, a powerful Amish leader. Esther discovers Levi's lies and confronts him in Atlantic City. Premiered Tue Mar 25

VIDEO: Levi's Big Secret Exposed | Busting a Fake Buggy Ride | These Pigeons are Drug Dealers

EPISODE 10: Joining the Flock

Levi gets closer to marrying Esther. John gathers new information to use against Levi. Wayne gets revenge on Ruck just as the Church begins to question Wayne. Merlin learns a new skill and looks for the most feared Amish man in the world: the Bear. Premiered Tue Mar 18

VIDEO: Merlin Explores Amish Witchcraft | Wayne's New Pig Pen | Wayne Smashes an Arcade

EPISODE 9: Deadly Sins

External pressures force Levi to make changes. Caleb starts fresh in Indiana. Esther prepares to reclaim her family's name, while John feeds information to law enforcement. Merlin adds an ally as Wayne comes under attack. Premiered Tue Mar 11

VIDEO: Mary and Amish Bundling | Levi Proposes to Esther | Caleb Makes Cow Fart Bombs

EPISODE 8: De Rott

Esther must convince Levi to bring John back into the fold. Levi is confronted by Amish leaders from around the country about his vanity. Big Steve travels to Iowa to rescue an Amish girl. Merlin sends a very personal message to Wayne. Premiered Tue Mar 4

VIDEO: Big Steve's First Plane Ride | An Intimate Buggy Ride | Will John Rat Out Levi? | Big Steve on a Plane

EPISODE 7: He Has Risen

Levi reasserts his control over the Lancaster County Amish. Jolin and Alvin eliminate outside threats. Merlin plots his revenge on Wayne. Premiered Tue Feb 25

VIDEO: Jolin vs. a Kentucky Roadblock | Ruck: Merlin's New Foot Soldier | Merlin: Scarier Than Ever?

Special Episode: Judgment Day

Never-before-seen footage and exclusive interviews show what really happened behind the scenes during this season's run of Amish Mafia. The group talks about its reaction to the show and reveals proof that the show is absolutely real. Premiered Tue Sep 24

VIDEO: What Happened to Caleb? | Amish Mafia Responds to Fans | Bizarre Amish Love Triangle

Episode 6: Sacrificial Lamb

Levi looks to make amends with the Bishop by punishing one of his own. Alan goes to court to find out if he will wind up in prison. Wayne gets church approval to take over Ohio's Amish Aid. Merlin seals an alliance. Premiered Tue Sep 17

VIDEO: Caleb Gets Into a Fistfight | Merlin's Army of Kentucky Amish | A Bible on Levi's Door | Big Steve Gets His Revenge

Episode 5: The Last Supper

Family alliances are put to the test as Esther has to choose between John and Levi. Alan has an audience with the Bishop in an attempt to dethrone Levi. When faced with the Church's retribution, Levi is forced to make a life-altering decision. Premiered Tue Sep 10

VIDEO: Wayne Kicks Amish Butt | Levi Throws Down the Gauntlet | The Kentucky Amish | Caleb and the Bishop's Daughter

Episode 4: Brother's Keeper

Jolin and Levi plot to get rid of Freeman, Merlin goes to an Amish healing center in South Dakota, Alan turns to the bishop with information about Levi, Esther and Levi spend time together, and the Lancaster community starts denying Caleb Amish Aid payments. Premiered Tue Sep 3

VIDEO: Esther's Loyalty is Tested | Amish Buggy Goes BOOM! | Celebrating Amish Ascension Day

Episode 3: Paradise

Merlin and Alan join forces to go after Levi's business. Jolin's authority is tested in Paradise. Big Steve is found and revenge is taken. Esther tries to make peace with Levi while Merlin and Wayne's friendship comes to an end. Premiered Tue Aug 27

VIDEO: Alvin Takes Mushrooms | Levi Asks Esther to Pay Up | Wayne Destroys a Chiropractic Office

Episode 2: Prodigal Son

Ohio Mafia Boss Merlin recruits Alan to go after Lebanon Levi. Freeman and John are causing trouble in town, which Esther worries will affect her community standing. Jolin rejoins Levi's crew after a promise is made. Premiered Tue Aug 20

VIDEO: Dating in the Amish Community | Merlin Makes Alan an Offer | Caleb Smashes a Man's Camera | Merlin Makes a Surprise Inspection | Merlin Has the Hots for Martha

Episode 1: Wayward Sons

Lebanon Levi leans on a new soldier as Jolin finds his bearings in Lancaster. Esther and brothers return to Lancaster to find unexpected problems; Ohio Amish Mafia enforcers, Wayne, handles an issue with raw milk that threatens the community. Premiered Tue Aug 13

VIDEO: Levi Holds the Power in Lancaster | Caleb, Levi's New Helping Hand | Caleb Cracks Down | Wayne Lays Down the Law | Dolls Without Faces

Amish Mafia Catch-Up: The Resurrection

Lebanon Levi and his crew look back at Season One of Amish Mafia and look forward to what lies ahead in Season Two. Premiered Mon Aug 12.

VIDEO: The Saga Continues | Season One Highlights