Bar Hunters Episode Guide

posted: 10/03/13

"One Big Party"

Premiere: Mon Oct 21 10/9c

Location: Moonshine Whiskey Bar. Join the party with our Bar Hunters, as bar expert Tom Powers heads out to Tempe, Arizona where he meets longtime pals Ben and Lars. They're looking to open the bar of their dreams: a down and dirty All-American country bar -- complete with a mechanical bull. Can Tom find them the best location to permanently plant their party...without breaking the bank?

LAST CALL AFTERSHOW: How has Moonshine Whiskey Bar turned out for these fun-loving Tempe boys?

"Family Affair"

Premiere: Mon Oct 21 10:30/9:30c

Location: The Break. On our next adventure of Bar Hunters, our Bar Expert Tom Powers meets a father and his two sons who are looking to open a California beach themed the heart of Texas! Barhunters Scott, Bryan, and Alan are sure that Dallas is ready for them, but location could make or break their success. Can Tom show this trio the spots that give off the California vibes they're looking for...without having to leave their hometown?

LAST CALL AFTERSHOW: See how the Texas-style surf bar 'The Break' has done since opening.

"Diving In"

Premiere: Sun Dec 1 11AM/10AMc

Location: Sidebar. On this episode of Bar Hunters, Bar Expert Tom Powers meets a trio trying to track down the "Ultimate Dive Bar." Jennifer, Steve, and Eric have big plans for a small town in Western Pennsylvania. They're hunting for a bar that doubles as a music venue and gives off a "trashy with a touch of class" vibe. Can Tom help them weed out the treasure from the trash...while keeping the "trashy?"

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"Protect and Serve...Beer"

Premiere: Sun Dec 1 11:30AM/10:30AMc

Location: Sparrow's Landing. Bar Expert Tom Powers heads south to Corpus Christi, TX where he meets three servicemen who want to give their neighborhood a shiny new sports bar with a classic aviation theme. Josiah, Tyrone, and Travis are all Texas transplants looking for a spot that feels a little like home and a lot like a good time. Can Tom help land the perfect place for these pilots?

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Premiere: Sun Dec 1 12PM/11AMc

Location: Battlefield Brew Works. Bar Expert Tom Powers meets Dan and Kylie, a couple who are tapping into their dreams of owning a brewery and taproom. With a long and detailed wish list, these bar hunters have a tough glass to fill. If they can't find exactly what they're looking for, they may have to make a big uproot their home and go to the spot that satisfies their dream...even if it's all the way across the state.

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"Emporia's Eyes Are Smiling"

Premiere: Sun Dec 1 12:30PM/11:30AMc

Location: Mulready's Pub. Bar expert Tom Powers helps a couple make the career change of a lifetime. With no prior bar experience whatsoever they will do whatever it takes to open the coolest Irish Pub in Emporia.

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