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posted: 11/07/13
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Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice

We love watching the teams of dredgers searching for gold in the waters of the Bering Sea just off the coast of Nome Alaska. We normally see these gold miners during Bering Sea Gold, where they traditionally dredge from these waters during summer after the winter ice has melted. The first episodes of Bering Sea Gold however, Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice follows four teams of men and women diving under the ice of the frozen Bering Sea in their quest for fortune. Unlike the scores of miners depicted on Bering Sea Gold, the winter season will follow the only people tough enough to take on the challenge of dredging for gold during an arctic winter.

The winter season for dredging the Bering Sea's gold begins when the storms calm and the ice is thick enough to support the miner's dredging equipment. We will follow the unique process of diving under the ice to mine Nome's gold before the summer gold rush arrives.

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