Derek McLarty

posted: 09/02/15
Derek McLarty
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A mainstay of the Nome mining community, Derek is a natural leader, a gifted mechanic, and has been a valuable crewmember on the Lazy Gator, The Eroica, and the Wild Ranger. This summer, Derek steps into the spotlight and places it all on the line as captain and owner of his own operation, the High Noon. Inspired by Derek's love of heavy metal and built to look like a v-shaped electric guitar, this 50-foot dredge boasts an incomparable 12-inch suction hose. Derek's young and hungry crew has been busy wrenching and welding for free in order to get the rock 'n' roll vessel up and running. It remains to be seen, however, whether the High Noon will make them all rich or leave them singing for their supper.

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