Emily Riedel

posted: 09/12/12
Emily Riedel

Introduced to Nome by childhood friend Zeke Tenhoff, Emily imagined she'd stay just one summer to fund her graduate education in opera. Six years later, she's still there and still mining.

This past ice season, despite their rocky past, former lovers Zeke and Emily were reunited by circumstance. Emily needed a dredge. Zeke needed money. Persevering through silences and blow-ups, they formed a profitable business partnership.

This summer, Emily is continuing her lucrative team-up with Zeke as they search for new mining grounds that will sustain their lives in Nome for years to come. Emily and Zeke believe that the best bet is to risk the long journey to Sledge Island. If the legends are true and the gold is there, this season could be Emily's best.

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