Glen Lebaron

Captain & Diver, Miss Nomer

Meet Glen LeBaron from the Miss Nomer, featured on Discovery's BERING SEA GOLD.
Discovery Communications

Glen began his mining career in Nome at 19. After his first season, he began mining in rivers around the lower 48, until last summer when he returned to Nome and met Zeke Tenhoff and his crew.

Glen is a total dredge-geek, and loves to invent new ways to get the gold. This past winter he unleashed the Dragon, a fully submersible dredge. But then, "Nome's Best Dredger" lost it, and was without his Dragon for months.

Fortunately, the Dragon was spotted at the season's end, and Glen and Zeke have re-partnered for the winter.

Glen is famous for his ego, which can spark some inter-dredge competition between him and Zeke.

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