Vernon Adkison

Owner, The Wild Ranger

Meet Vernon Adkinson from the Wild Ranger, featured on Discovery's BERING SEA GOLD.
Discovery Communications

Vernon Adkison is the Machiavellian owner of The Wild Ranger. Over the past two seasons he has put his career as a Ships Pilot on hold while trying to make it big in the gold mining business.

Vernon is staunchly anti-government, and believes in the tangible value of gold over federal currency.

Vernon has leveraged his entire life savings on making his ever-expanding gold operation profitable. After little luck this winter, Vernon bought access to a deep-water claim 2 miles off of Nome, and hopes to collect 200 ounces this summer.

Having experienced Nome's unpredictable summer weather, Vernon has a new plan to beat it: dredge off Sledge Island, which is rumored to be rich with gold.

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