Season Three Episode Guide

posted: 11/07/13
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Under The Ice: We Are Gonna Be Golden: November 8, 2013

WINTER SEASON PREMIERE: The crews take the ice. Zeke's new crew is on the gold, so they shut out late-arrival Emily. She joins her gung-ho dad Steve, who wagers Vernon. Nome's angriest dredger Scott returns with a new dredge and attitude but will it last?

Under the Ice: Dozers and Dragons: November 15, 2013

Zeke takes a gamble on a new dredger with game-changing technology but a huge ego. Emily chafes under her dad's laidback management style and challenges his captaincy. She also tangles with Shawn, trying to buy a key piece of equipment out from under him.

Under the Ice: No Fuel, No Burn: November 22, 2013

Midseason, and patience is thin. Scott's dredge is literally running on fumes. Cocky newcomer Glen clashes with Zeke over how to best run the dredge. Emily's fed up with how her dad is running their dredge. Shawn's on a paystreak that stretches out of reach.

Under the Ice: Waterfalls of Gold: November 29, 2013

Pressure mounts as days get warmer. It's parent vs child as Shawn and Emily try to prove their captaincy skills to their fathers. After months of nonstop work without taking time to grieve his best friend's death, Zeke finally reaches his breaking point.

Under the Ice: The Thaw: December 7, 2013

The dredgers race to put in one last dive before the ice melts from under them. Zeke's most profitable season has taken its toll. Emily goes to drastic measures to earn her crew's and her own self respect. Steve R faces Vern to settle their bet.

Fire and Icebergs: December 14, 2013

Summer dredging season begins. The Pomrenkes have competition from a new megadredge crewed by Scott Meisterheim. Emily's first day as captain goes up in flames. Zeke has a run-in with the law. Steve R is first out, but his crew strands him on an iceberg.

Off the Deep End: December 21, 2013

The Pomrenkes have to call for help when rough seas break the CHRISTINE ROSE, pinning it to the ocean floor. Emily's crew set out to re-teach her how to dredge. Rumors swirl but Zeke tells the full story of his disturbing night in jail and the hospital

Burn It Down: December 26, 2013

It's beautiful dredging weather, but things are ugly. The Pomrenkes swallow their pride and ask megadredger Hank for help to get their pinned barge operating again. Zeke demands Emily pay up or give up her dredge. The Kellys fight off claim jumpers.

Let the Games Begin: January 3, 2014

An unexpected visit from the Coast Guard doesn't go well for two dredges. Hank's megadredge is close to claimjumping on CHRISTINE ROSE's honey hole, but it still doesn't mean he'll find gold. Will beginner's luck or an old-timer's experience win the day?

Who's The Captain?! January 10, 2014

Halfway through the summer season, tempers flare and the captains question their crews' loyalty. Shawn threatens to quit the family business. Kris comes to blows with Steve Riedel. Emily rushes Shem to the ER. Hank reaches the end of his patience with Scott.

10 Pounds of Gold: January 17, 2014

The Pomrenkes hit pay dirt and bring in 10 POUNDS of gold. Recently fired, Scott swallows his pride and asks Hank for his old job back, but can he last? On the tiny MINNOW, can hot-headed Kris keep the peace with arrogant Glen long enough to get the gold?

Backhoe Wars: January 24, 2014

While Hank tests Mother Nature by staying out dredging in the storm, Shawn races to bring his dredge home. Emily and Glen head far inland to river dredge. Her crew sows seeds of mutiny. Kris almost drowns from faulty equipment -- and Steve R's inattention.

Money Money Money: January 31, 2014

Shawn and the new backhoe prove he is "Mr. Gold." Vernon and Emily's apologies and promises won't convince their crews to return. Zeke returns with a funky new way to make it rich in Nome. He also ends his friendship with the Riedel family for good.

Mr. Gold & The New Kid: February 7, 2014

The two mega-dredges race to reach a contested claim site. Hank wins the race, but Shawn gets the last laugh. Emily heads out with her new, poached crew. The Kellys almost come to blows when accused of claim jumping. Glen's engineering genius pays off big.

Bering Sea Gold: Dredged Up: February 11, 2014

Dive deeper under the ice with bonus footage production facts and tweets. In Alaska, the gold rush is on. The dredgers, driven by gold fever and sometimes desperate need, pilot their dredges and dive with hoses to suck up gold from the Bering Sea.

The Rescue & The Repo: February 14, 2014

Late summer's worsening weather drives the dredges reluctantly off their honey holes and finally breaks the Kellys, who tell Steve Riedel they quit. While Steve loses MINNOW to the repo man, Glen finally finds his DRAGON. Hank wagers Shawn an ounce of gold.

The Final Showdown: February 21, 2014

As Nome Harbor freezes over, the crews head out for one last chance at success. It's a battle of the barges when Hank wagers Shawn who can box more gold. Zeke returns to the water. Can Emily pay him off once and for all?

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