• Blood & Oil Episode Guide

Blood & Oil Episode Guide

Episode 1: June 18 at 10|9c

Meet the Cutter’s, a blue collar, Midwestern family determined to keep their company alive amidst Ohio’s aggressive oil boom. Once a thriving family operated oil business, the Cutter Oil was suddenly overcome by the recent and untimely death of the company’s patriarch, Charles “Chuck” Cutter. As the family struggled with his loss, an oil boom erupted in Ohio, forcing the family to push back in an effort to carry on their father's legacy and make Cutter Oil successful, as Chuck would have wanted.

After discovering that Big Oil snatched up drilling rights all over the state, the Cutters are faced with limited options for drilling territory. Determined to get his family business back on the map, CJ Cutter makes the risky and controversial decision to drill on his sister’s backyard, without telling her, while she is away on vacation. With rookie roughnecks on the rig, costs begin to mount over broken equipment and staggering delays. As Big Oil sends in spies to check on CJ’s operation, CJ is also faced with explaining his actions to his mom and sister, who do not support his decision to drill behind their backs and in the winter, a time when drilling for oil is met with extra costs.

To top it off, trespassers break into family property and CJ goes after them with gun in hand. A high-risk business with even higher stakes, running this family business is nothing short of dramatic. Struggling to hold the family together, can CJ Cutter deliver on his promise to keep the company going amidst the turmoil?

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Episode 2: Crude Awakening Tuesday June 24 at 10|9c

Inexperienced rig workers and stormy weather keeps CJ on his toes while he falls behind schedule and over budget. A pay-zone strike brings less than steller results and pits brother against brother, leaving money and the Cutter name on the line.

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Episode 3: Pay Dirt Tuesday July 1 at 10|9c

In an attempt to take his company one step ahead of big oil, CJ proposes a well on the only land available, his backyard. This well will have to cut through a deep layer of ultra hard granite that no man has penetrated, in search of a mythical sea of oil.

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Episode 5: She's Gonna Blow! Wednesday July 17 at 10|9c

With drilling underway, CJ must deal with his brother’s Mexican vacation and Particle Drilling breathing down his neck. Delays at the drill site cost the Cutters time and money and put pressure on CJ’s crew to pick up Josh’s slack.