• Season 1

Season 1

Pig Family Values & Billboar'd: Apr 11 10/9c

In an effort to teach his son the family business, Pigman gives J.D. a summer job at Pigtime. Meanwhile, Dap takes Quita and James to the Pigtime Ranch and shows them how he earns his keep.

Pigman’s scheme to market Wright’s barbeque blows up in his face. Dap and J.D. find a hidden gem in Dap’s old junk shed.

Road Hogs & Boars Gone Wild: Apr 18 10/9c

Pigman and Wes drive to Waco in search of a lightbar for Pigman’s truck. Dap and Quita take Wright’s barbeque mobile.

Pigman takes J.D. camping for his birthday and leaves Wes in charge of the warehouse for the day.

Mr. Pig Shot: Apr 25 10/9c

On the day of Pigman’s annual King of the Arrow competition, Wes books a hunt that throws Pigman off his game. Dap and Snag take the Pig Rig out for a simple task, which turns into an unforeseen calamity.

Call Me Pig Papa: May 2 10/9c

Dap blows up an anthill at the ranch with dynamite, forcing Pigman to pull him off the ranch and put him somewhere he won’t cause trouble. Wes forgets an important occasion with Susan and enlists the help of Snag to make things right.

All Hams on Deck: May 9 10/9c

To test his new bow fishing arrow tips, Pigman brings his team to Lake Limestone for an R&D session that quickly turns competitive. J.D. and his friends build a tree fort at the ranch and Kyley reluctantly tags along.

Pig Trouble in Little Texas: May 16 10/9c

While Pigman and Dap confront hog trouble at the ranch, Snag helps Wes move Pigman’s old couch.