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Marty Terrell

posted: 02/24/14
Marty Terell
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Marty Terell

Marty and his family have been living in the Ozark mountains for as long as Sevella can remember. They are a pioneering family and have whittled out a small lot of woods near the Russell homestead. As a family, they've worked hard for what little they have.

Marty has inherited recipes and knowledge for brewing moonshine from his mother, Sevella, and her father. Brewing moonshine runs deep in the Terrell family and supports their humble life. They fish throughout the year, hunt deer for meat and pick berries for Sevella's famous wine.

Crowbar and Marty have had an on-going alliance for years. Crow grows the corn and supplies the land for the alcohol stills while Marty works it into moonshine and handles the distribution. The two families split the profits. The system has worked for decades until recently, when Kerry Wayne pushed to make alcohol legal in this part of Arkansas after being illegal for 70 years. That change is beginning to dig into the profits of the Terrell and Russell families' moonshine business , causing a small rift to develop.

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