Episode 6: Sex in America

It's an all-American pastime. And if you watched the Season 1 episode hosted by Maggie Gyllenhaal, you know why it's so much fun. This season, we're tackling the topic again -- but this time in an even bigger way by looking at the largest national U.S. sex survey to see what sex in the 21st Century is all about.

No questions were too bold for the Indiana University national survey. In fact, only one other survey has ever asked so many Americans such a wide range of questions about sex -- and that was conducted 60 years ago. Over the course of a decade, Alfred Kinsey and his research team conducted thousands of interviews questioning Americans about their most intimate sexual practices -- the results were revolutionary. But how dated has that research become -- and how much has sex in America changed in the last six decades?

In “Sex in America,” airing Sunday, Nov. 11, Curiosity looks at America’s sex life and teams up with the famed Kinsey Institute to see what people are really up to in bed and with whom.

And for a quick breakdown of interesting facts from this episode, check out our "Sex in America" FAQ here: http://dsc.discovery.com/tv-shows/curiosity/topics/sex-in-america-episode6-faq.htm.


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